Vim config

" All system-wide defaults are set in $VIMRUNTIME/debian.vim and sourced by
" the call to :runtime you can find below.  If you wish to change any of those
" settings, you should do it in this file (/etc/vim/vimrc), since debian.vim
" will be overwritten everytime an upgrade of the vim packages is performed.
" It is recommended to make changes after sourcing debian.vim since it alters
" the value of the 'compatible' option.

" This line should not be removed as it ensures that various options are
" properly set to work with the Vim-related packages available in Debian.
runtime! debian.vim

" Vim will load $VIMRUNTIME/defaults.vim if the user does not have a vimrc.
" This happens after /etc/vim/vimrc(.local) are loaded, so it will override
" any settings in these files.
" If you don't want that to happen, uncomment the below line to prevent
" defaults.vim from being loaded.
" let g:skip_defaults_vim = 1

" Uncomment the next line to make Vim more Vi-compatible
" NOTE: debian.vim sets 'nocompatible'.  Setting 'compatible' changes numerous
" options, so any other options should be set AFTER setting 'compatible'.
set nocompatible

" Auto install Plug system with plugins - Install curl first!
if empty(glob('~/.vim/autoload/plug.vim'))
  silent !curl -fLo ~/.vim/autoload/plug.vim --create-dirs
  autocmd VimEnter * PlugInstall --sync | source $MYVIMRC

call plug#begin('~/.vim/plugged')
" .editorconfig file support
Plug 'editorconfig/editorconfig-vim'
" status bar theme
Plug 'vim-airline/vim-airline'
" dimmed colors themes
Plug 'morhetz/gruvbox'

call plug#end()

colorscheme gruvbox 
syntax on

" If using a dark background within the editing area and syntax highlighting
" turn on this option as well
set background=dark

" Uncomment the following to have Vim jump to the last position when
" reopening a file
au BufReadPost * if line("'\"") > 1 && line("'\"") <= line("$") | exe "normal! g'\"" | endif
" au BufRead,BufNewFile * startinsert

" Uncomment the following to have Vim load indentation rules and plugins
" according to the detected filetype.
filetype plugin indent on

" The following are commented out as they cause vim to behave a lot
" differently from regular Vi. They are highly recommended though.
set showcmd         " Show (partial) command in status line.
set showmatch       " Show matching brackets.
set ignorecase      " Do case insensitive matching
set smartcase       " Do smart case matching
set incsearch       " Incremental search
set autowrite       " Automatically save before commands like :next and :make
set hidden          " Hide buffers when they are abandoned
set mouse=a         " Enable mouse usage (all modes)
set number
set colorcolumn=100
set tabstop=4
set shiftwidth=4
set smarttab
set expandtab
set smartindent
set laststatus=2    " Status bar is enabled all the time
set belloff=all
set title           " Set the window’s title, reflecting the file currently being edited

if &term =~ '256color'
    " Disable Background Color Erase (BCE) so that color schemes
    " work properly when Vim is used inside tmux and GNU screen.
    set t_ut=

let g:airline_powerline_fonts = 1

"let g:netrw_banner = 0
"let g:netrw_liststyle = 3
"let g:netrw_browse_split = 4
"let g:netrw_altv = 1
"let g:netrw_winsize = 25
"augroup ProjectDrawer
"  autocmd!
"  autocmd VimEnter * :Vexplore
"augroup END

" Source a global configuration file if available
if filereadable("/etc/vim/vimrc.local")
  source /etc/vim/vimrc.local